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What Happened To Quinn's Defense

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Alford gave up on a play looking for an OPI, that was an easy TD.

Schofield had a dumb penalty that kept a drive going, led to another TD.

Free Safety looks like he got caught jelly legged and didnt get over the top on a receiver matched up on a LB. He should have identified that pre snap.

Then before the half Cam makes an incredible throw on a 7 route no one could have stopped after the refs somehow have Carolina a first down on a QB sneak that didnt even gain an inch.

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The fact is, it never really existed. We ran up on some teams whose offenses were in disarray early on, so we looked decent. Once teams got a good look at it, well... this.

This...and therefore the stats looked good. And some on here are tying to prove by the stats that this defense has improved.

It has slowly got worse and worse. Some of you where fooled...lol and you ain't man enough to except it.

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