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Now That Call Was Bs


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I never complain about the refs almost ever. And I will also point out that the Falcons should still be losing in spite of the bad calls. But, still. The Ginn bomb was CLEARLY a push off. Cam Newton CLEARLY didn't have the 1st. And the ball CLEARLY hit the ground on that catch. The craziest thing about this is that 2 of these plays were reviewed and they just upheld them. I don't see how Quinn isn't steamed at this stuff and screaming at the officials.

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What can he do? The calls were made and upheld. The NFL wants Cam to be the next Brady. Sorry but that's just what's going to happen.

At this rate, I want to see Quinn get in the officials face and get himself thrown out. Show some passion for ****sake. Put a little heat on these guys. They need to know they aren't doing their jobs. I would also take the fine and speak in the media how terrible the calls were.

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