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Td's Classic Over Reaction To This Season Will Be To Draft Another Wr High In The 1St Round


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Can see it now the last time the offense looked lost he said ryan needed more talent which he'll say again.and he can say when they drafted julio he nearly hepled us get to a superbowl problem is julio jones type of WR dont come around that often.

Anybody feel if TD retains his job (which is highly likely considering they really over achieved early and look more like what people expected) he going to heavly draft for the offense.

Problem is all those seasons wasting draft picks on defense has finally come back to haunt him. He now needs to rebuild the offense and still has major holes on the defense.

Then to compound the problem he hired a HC/DC who doesnt have the personnel to run his defense and the same can be said about the OC and the offense.

The best thing to do might be to start over af this point but Mr. Blank isnt known to be patient be interesting to see hkw this whole thing plays out but if TD is in charge you can bet its going to be an offseason full of offensive moves.

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Honestly, if the receiver is the best overall player available, I'd be all for it. It's proven that weapons are what make Ryan successful

I agree. I don't watch college football or really know about the prospects, but if there's no standout players at our 'position of need' where we pick and there's some monster WR on the board then you gotta consider it.

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