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Did We Really Pay Brooks Reed That Much? Who's Call Was That.

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I've tried to not be too harsh on the guy because of the groin issue but ****, he's making 4 mil a year and has been an absolute ghost on the field.

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Reed's contract and position is what will keep us from going after Bruce Irvin.

Hopefully Reed can come to form at SLB, we can sign Travathan for our speedy MLB and draft a WLB in the first two rounds.

..said that when his signing was announced... They don't want Irvin..

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Reed has 0 sacks. Beasley has 2 sacks. Sacks seem to be a team problem---maybe the scheme? Maybe play more man in coverage and give the D a little more time to get to the QB? It's the short pass over the middle---the quick pass to the hot receiver--that's killing the sack numbers.

The scheme is fine. The talent is the problem. The Jags and the Seahawks run the same scheme. Jacksonville has 29 sacks so far and Seattle has 31.

Reed was a pretty productive player for Houston. Not the first guy I wanted but I definitely expected more. Maybe he was better suited in the 3-4 as an edge setter. I think we thought we could get pass rush out of him

That's pretty much the role he plays here when the Falcons are in base.

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