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Reddit-What Is Wrong With The Atlanta Falcons? A Look Into The Offense...


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Hmmmm....maybe this is the reason Matt can be lights out between the twenties but the entire offense looks like they suffer from huge brain farts in the red zone.

Come on...do you not think it's strange to see them move down the field with ease and then come to a complete stop?

Like I said I think its a combination of both. Matt stinks right now. There's no denying that, but we have to ask why, and the proof is in the pudding. That article is very telling when it comes down to the relationships Shanahan has with his QBs.

When you troubleshoot, you gotta go back to the last working configuration. For us, the offense was never a problem until Kyle showed up. He fixed a couple things (ie. the running game), but he completely broke our passing attack. I gotta go with what works, and up until now, Matt Ryan always has. Again, I'm not excusing him from part of the blame, but I'd say its probably 60/40 Shanahan.

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