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Christian Mccaffery Is The Most Overrated Player In College Football


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And it's not even close. He plays bad teams and racks up yards on kick off returns. He isn't a great kick returner either. There are at least 5 players more deserving of the Heisman than him. Cook, Fournette, Henry, Mayfield, and Watson.

I wish SEC teams had the luxury of playing 7 bottom 45 defenses a year.

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Fournette may have played bad defenses, but none of the them shut him down.

McCaffery got shut down by UCF and didn't do much against Washington State. Plus he was pretty terrible against Notre Dame who is ranked in the bottom half FBS teams in rush defense. Let's also not forget how he has 13 touchdowns this year whereas Fournette has 18 and Henry has 23. The fact that a running back has 8 rushing touchdowns should tell you something. He either isn't getting the ball near the goal line or he isn't converting when he has the chance. What does that say about him? Coaches either don't want him down there, or he just isn't converting. Do all you want between the 20s, but if you can't score in the red zone you are just like some Falcons players.

Let's also end this delusion that McCaffrey is some incredible kick returner. He isn't. He averages right around 29 yards per return. Depending on how deep the ball is kicked, he will get you to around the 25-30 every time. He also has 1 special teams touchdown and has touched it 50 times on special teams (36 as a kick returner and 14 as a punt returner). He is an even worse punt returner as he averages 4.8 yards per return on 14 returns. When you have over 1,000 yards on kick returns and people talk about how great you are at returning kicks, you should be doing better than 1 touchdown.

Say what you want about Fournette, but he is going to be playing on Sundays for a long time. McCaffrey will be another Toby Gerhart in the NFL. At least when Fournette had a bad game it was against the top ranked rush defense in the country and not UCF. McCaffrey is a very good player and he will be in the thick of the Heisman race next year too along with Fournette, Cook, Watson, Mayfield, etc. But he has to improve his scoring.

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He's overrated but the games he was shut down he had at least 100 yards from scrimmage?

Sounds terrible.

When you have 2.9 YPC against UCF and 3.5 against Notre Dame (who has an average at best run D) yes that's not terrible. But it's not good either.

Why doesn't he have touchdowns if he has been such a dynamic player?

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