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On The Bright Side, Matt Ryan's Performance Will Benefit The Environment (In The Long Run . . .)


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After watching "Matty Ice's" declining performance this season, even Congressional Republicans have started to believe Global Warming is REAL.

In all seriousness, I am convinced there IS an undisclosed injury, probably something with the rotator cuff. If the Falcons are out of the game Sunday, or once it is essentially certain they are eliminated, Ryan will STAY down after a sack, leave the game, go on the I.R. and have shoulder surgery.

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Benefit? Higher Draft Picks?

The EARTH's evironment . . .

You see, this is a little joke: "Matty Ice" has been horrible under pressure this season. His performance indicates that Global warming has gotten so bad that even HE has melted. Consequently, even Congressional Republicans have been convinced that Global Warming is a real phenomenon.

Some people have though it was funny . . . OH well. I try.

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I've got one too. You guys ready? Ok, here goes:

Matt Ryan is so bad....

(How bad is he?)

Matt Ryan is so bad that he's won just 16 games in 2 and 3/4 seasons since blowing a 17 point lead in the NFC Championship game!

*crowd goes wild*

*Matt Ryan is in the crowd and tries to hit me with a rotten tomato but the tomato falls 40 feet short of the stage*

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Guest facelessman07

It's been said that he has a degenerative injury and that a report may come out at the end of the year by a source

I REALLY wanna know what's behind this, like really bad

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