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Trump Wants To Ban All Muslims From Entering The United States...

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She was so violent. She attacked them with standing, silence and a shirt. They should put her away for assault with peace. Throw away the key!

A friend of mine who teaches at Winthrop was at the rally and provided a very different context to this incident. Ultimately, I don't agree with kicking her out. But the situation was a lot different than what CNN is reporting. I'm going to paraphrase his observation instead of quoting it.

Basically, there were 8-12 protestors at the rally, all of them on her row or behind her. When they showed up with their t-shirts, before the event even started, Trump's staff demanded that the police remove them from the rally.

The police refused and told the staff that they had a First Amendment right to be there since it is a university event, not a private campaign event. Good on the police (my opinion).

However, after the event started, one man at the end of her row (also wearing a t-shirt and yellow "Muslim" star) began shouting. He was removed by the police. The other protestors then stood up. Some stood silently, like her. Others stood silently and put their fists in the air. And still others were yelling and disrupting the event. That is when the Trump supporters started screaming and yelling at her. On a few occasions, she turned around, smiled and waved at the people yelling at her. But the situation, according to my friend, was starting to turn ugly very quickly.

All of them were removed. She was standing up when everyone else was sitting down, so she did protest physically. My own personal opinion was that it was not enough to justify removing her. In fact, those who were screaming at her should have been removed, but were not.

However, that is a very different situation than what is being reported. Specifically, it appears that police (unfairly) lumped her with protestors who were actually disrupting the event, and removed everyone with the yellow star and the "Salam" t-shirts.

Just wanted to provide some background that's not making it into the media reports.

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Thanks, I appreciate the extra context. The behavior of the audience is still inexcusable.

Absolutely, I agree. And some of the speeches that came before Trump were apparently borderline hate speech against Muslims. That's why they were there protesting.

Not excusing the behavior of the audience or the speakers at all. Just saying the situation was a lot more complex than the media is reporting.

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