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Coaching,management,and Ownership Find The Balance


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This is not a thread to bash anything on our team. I think our DEFENSIVE coaching has done outstanding and I'm very proud of what we've built on that side of the ball, but what I do wanna discuss about our coaching is what needs to be done. Right now we're a team at a loss for an identity. This is because we're in a awkward tweener stage between 2 eras. One being the Smitty Era and the other being obviously the Quinn era. The only way to fix this is to cut some dead weight and let Quinn take control of his team.

Look as we all have taken noticed in just 1 seasons Quinn has taken the 32nd defense and flipped them into something respectable. Now sure we've had some issues with pass rushing penalties,and tackling, but for the most part you must be proud that we are in the better half of the NFL when in terms of PPG. But the real problem is the offense.

Now what did you expect when we hired a defensive coach? For him to fix our terrible defense that Smith left us with. As of now we're solid and in a good place with the talent we have, but can you imagine how much better we'd be given that Quinn gets to hand pick his talent alongside Artie's approval? We'd be great. Now yes I know TD is the GM and he gets a say, but at this point in time something tells me Quinn will get the nod over TD given our circumstance. But let's not leave TD entirely outta the equation.

Right now and I'm sure most would agree that Shanny must go by years end. Either that or something must improve offensively, but either way we need someone who is like that 2nd head coach running our offense. That's why I personally wanted Gase to come here because he could've went to any coaching vacancy in the NFL yet he stayed in Denver! Now call it crazy, but we need someone like him to come be our OC. And we need that balance and identity we've lost in order to become a true contender. So what do y'all think? Should we attempt to let Quinn,Pioli,and Artie run the defensive side of things while letting our OC and TD handle the offense? Or should we try an sort it out with everyone's opinion considered?

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