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Who's The Real Head Coach Of The Falcons?


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Of course, we all know that Quinn is the OFFICIAL head coach but it sure seems like Shanahan has just as much power running just the offense and it appears that Quinn has no say or doesn't have the guts to say anything to Shanahan or do anything about the offense.

Quinn sure doesn't carry himself like a head coach.

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Disagree from head to toe with this one.

First, what are you basing this on?

Second, have you been inside the coaches meetings?

Completely disagree on your assessment of Quinn. He carries himself exactly as a head coach should. I get the feeling this is all based on him not just going full Mora in press conferences. If that's wrong, please elaborate...

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I've seen this asserted more and more around here and i just gotta say that's usually how it happens in the NFL.

The head coach delegates. If he's a defensive guy he gives the OC a wide berth. He'll set an overall philosophy like we want to run the ball more here or we want more tempo to the offense and they'll go over some situation calls etc. before the game but I doubt Quinn is in offensive meetings lording over Shanahans every move and he shouldn't be.

If you hire a guy to run that side of the ball you let him run it.

Belichick isn't in McDaniels meetings, Tomlin isn't in Haleys... doesn't mean they aren't in charge though.

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