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My Season Summary (Until This Point)

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New head coach and weak schedule and our 50th season....excitement builds for every Falcon fan!

First few games, Shannahan uses Freeman and Julio as key players very effectively and Freeman plays with a chip on his shoulders.

The team is excited and plays hard and with resilience even Kroy saves the day.

We go 5-0 despite some very close calls and games that we could have easily lost.

The Saints kill our undefeated hopes and make us look like the not so great team that many thought we were, (including me) starting our turnover woes including to many bonehead plays by Ryan.

A game or two later, our play calling gets stale as Julio is double teamed majority of the time and Freeman and our run game starts getting shut down consistently.

Quinn makes a rookie HC mistake and goes for a field goal on the 1 or 2 yrd line and relied on the defense to make a stop when we could have had them backed up in their end zone if we failed to score a TD.

Fumbling and bad snap woes continue and our pass rush is STILL non existent.

The natives get restless...Some calling for Ryan's head, some calling for Shannahan's head, some calling for TD's head, some even calling for Quinn's head....some wishing we hired Rex(idiots)

EVEN then we could have still controlled our own destiny to get into the playoffs but we lose to MIN and Seattle does whats needed to boot us out of the playoff picture

BUT...there's STILL hope(at least in my heart)...Players meeting...The team is fed up!...We can turn this thing around with some solid play from our offense and minimal turnovers! Yeah!

BUT nooooo, we get swept by the Bucs....The freaking Bucs and their rookie QB.....

I'm so ashamed right now because I'm the number one s**t talker in every NFL and NFCS rivalry group that I'm in.

My take: Ryan didn't just forget how to play football within the last six games. He consistently is at the top of the league in passing yards even getting Harry Douglass 1K when Julio was hurt last year. He hasn't really had solid pass protection or a run game for a while until the first few games of this year. (and as I've stated even that has broken down)

Ryan should not have to throw the ball as much as he does...Why are we not running the ball more even with the lead?

Our team is crappy and it HAS alot to do with TD!

Smitty was a victim of TDs recruiting and a few clock management issues.

I'm not saying we shouldn't have let go of Smitty but we just haven't had the talent on both sides of the ball at the same time.

Quinn needs another season or two to bring in "his" talent. Shannahan needs to get his s**t together, come up with some better schemes and run the freaking ball more than 14 times with our all star RB. Give Ryan a chance to play action and run a few more freaking screen plays or passes to the flats with Freeman, Coleman, even Hester like we did with Anton Smith.


just get rid of Shannahan period.


Draft a QB and if Ryan keeps screwing up, bench him, trade him, whatever.

...and for God's sake get rid of Kroy, put some fire under Vic's azz, bring in some help at linebacker, pass rushing and opposite Trufant, (and a little more help on the O-line)

The season is over for us, but if by some miraculous chance we made the playoffs, we're far from a playoff team much less a Superbowl team, but as far as next year goes, with the right moves, we could be a very good team as long as Blank can put a boot in TD's azz.

Just ranting....Still rising up though.

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