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We Should Spread The Ball Around More

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The announcers mentioned this during the game, and I agree. I think when the other team knows there is about a 90% chance the ball is either going to Freeman or Julio, we become predictable.

Maybe i'm wrong, but I think with Julio drawing double and triple teams, our other guys should be able to get open. Couple this with all the bootleg pass plays that Ryan doesn't seem comfortable with, our offense has greatly under performed.

Obviously Matt Ryan isn't in the same class as the other top quarterbacks, but guys like Brady and Brees were always able to shred defenses by spreading the ball around. The fact that we have someone like Julio drawing all the attention of the opposing defense should make that even easier, but for us it has been the opposite.

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Look, Shanahan is an arrogant, stubborn a-hole who will not run any plays to other WRs. He'd rather take the team down with him than allow Matt to ad-lib or go hurry up no huddle until the game is lost. This system is not a good fit for Matt Ryan unless it incorporates some things that Matt is good at, like up-tempo.

We have to either get rid of a $100M QB or this inflexible OC.

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