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One Turnover But.......

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How many coordinators and coaches do we have to go through? Matt's a bum. Stop making excuses for him.

Ryan made one bad throw. Open your eyes and look at the play calling in the red zone and how many throw aways he had because nothing was open. This offense sucks.

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I knew the freakin calls before the snap. Don't you think the defense did as well? They have tape on Shanny and know what we are going to call. Geez how can you people be so dense?

Didn't you say the same about Koetter last year? The money has always been on the offense, and the offense has always under-performed. Different coach, same script.

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I prefer watching our mish mash of a defence than our 4th best offense.

Offense is predictable, dull, and underneath.

Blame the Winston first down on the defence all you like, but the offense hasn't produced since the Texans game. The defence has kept us in basically every game this season.

Ryan can't even use the height of Toilolo and Julio in the redzone as his throws are easily contested (I.e throw it a foot higher, jeez).

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