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Shoulda Kept Mike Smith

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Shoulda kept Smitty, hired Quinn as DC

Quinn would have never left Seattle and their #1 defense to come coach Atlanta's #31 defense and remain a DC. Although I can really some people's arguments about keeping Smitty. Look at what the Bengals are doing-because they were patient with their HC. (Although they suck in the playoffs)

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Smith was blessed with a decent roster and one of the easiest spans (strength of opponent) anyone could hope for. He single handedly cost us wins with bone headed timeouts that gave the other team a chance as well as many other dumb mistakes. You must be kidding.

Not that much different than what we have in Quinn now.

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Mike Smith wasn't the problem. He was the scapegoat.

Dan Quinn is not the problem either. At least with him our defense is sorta starting to head in the right direction. He has a defensive vision.

The problem is our players are pu$sies. Same issues with poor tackling and lack of pass rush on defense for years.

Same problem of lack of protection and consistent push in the run game by the OL on offense for years.

Matt Ryan is not elite yet he has been given the order to shoulder the entire offense when he doesn't have those capabilities.

This isn't going away anytime soon.

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