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Who Gets The Majority Of The Targets Now That...


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  1. 1. Who will step up and make the most plays in the absence of Hankerson?

    • Justin Hardy
    • Roddy White
    • Devin Hester
    • Nick Williams

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So now that Hank is on the IR, and even though he dropped half the passes his way, Ryan desperately needs someone to step up and make some plays. Will it be Hardy, rookie who has yet to make the impact we all expected, Roddy ditto but cuz he's too old not young lol, Hester even though he cant catch or run routes he is the most talented athlete. Or will it be Nick Williams, the crafty slot man?

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Honestly, what difference does it make? I was studying the remaining schedules of our wild card competitors when it occurred to me that this season is already over for us. So it doesn't really matter who gets the targets at this point.

blowing off the NO, TB and SF games cost us the playoffs, I'd about bet the mortgage on it

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u guys are all avoding answering the question! We KNOW Tamme and Freeman will put in work, but who will step up as the #2 WR is the question.

Given the actual distribution of passes (and snaps) so far this season, it'll be Roddy. He's averaging 60 snaps and 4 targets a game while Hardy is only averaging (in the games he's played) 30 snaps and 3 targets a game. Then again, knowing that Roddy is only getting targeted once every 15 snaps while Hardy is getting targeted once every 10 snaps, and Roddy is already playing pretty much every snap of every game...maybe Hardy's snap count goes up as well as his targets. That's a distinct possibility. We've got to replace Hankerson's 43 snaps per game so I'm guessing Hardy, Williams and Hester will all see the field more.

Speaking of Hester, isn't he active for the first time this season this week? He's a WR and fast enough to actually manage to get open. He might get some work.

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