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When Should The Atlanta Falcons Consider Matt Ryans Replacement?


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Everybody wants to either trade him or keep him forever. ISN'T THERE SOME MIDDLE GROUND HERE?

This is by far Ryan's worst season, but it doesn't mean he's finished. It may mean he's declining. But at his VERY worst, he's a serviceable QB that a dozen teams would love to have. At his best, he's top 10.

We have the luxury to start Ryan for at least another year or so, even if he is in decline. So why make a drastic move? The solution is to DRAFT his replacement now, but keep Ryan as the starter. Let the new kid become familiar with the NFL for the next year or so and train under a long term vet QB.

The advantages to this approach are multi-fold:

1) We can get a 2nd-3rd rounder rather than use a #1 pick, because he doesn't have to be "NFL ready".

2) A lower round pick saves cap money and doesn't tie up a lot of $$$.

3) The drafting of a legitimate replacement could push Ryan a little, something he's never had.

4) We have a legit backup, not a 7th round or UDFA "flyer" or a washed up vet like we typically have.

5) If Ryan completely turns it around and plays another 5-7 years, we have someone else with trade value like we did Matt Schaub.

The choice isn't black or white. You've gotta look at the gray options.

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Question for everyone, including Ryan's Apologist. If Aaron Rodgers was our QB this season, What would our record be?

Pretty **** good...would love to see him slinging it to Julio up and down the field.

But Ryan ain't a terrible alternative

As far as when we find Ryan's replacement, I think giving the guy some competition wouldn't be bad. Quinn preached competition bringing the best out of players all off season but we have a QB who's never had to go through one. Would be nice to get a young guy with potential to learn and push Ryan.

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5-7 years barring a sustained decline suggesting that he's "done"

We're not anywhere near that right now.

Least somebody around here can think realistically. With all the whining about folks being "realists" not very many seem to really get what is realistic and what is emotionally driven fantasy.

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2 years ago. 1 injury away from disaster. After 7 years it's time. A 4th or 5th would do nicely. And as we see throughout the NFL, everyone's looking for a QB. Maybe we can get a nice draft pick in return.

Win win to me

This franchise has historically made a TON of bad moves. Lmfao. Trading Ryan for a 4 or 5......would be the worst by far and easily. These are the type of posts that keep this place a zoo for the ignorance pygmys.

What's funny and absolutely a practical guarantee, is that if the falcons did live in fantasy land and actually did something like trade Ryan. This place would go absolutely ape doodoo when he inevitably played like a top ten qb elsewhere. Lol this is priceless.

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