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All I Want For A Merry Falcon Christmas Is_______________?


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You fill in the Blank: All I want for a merry Falcon Christmas is_______________________?

Here is a few of my responses

1) 3 more wins (preferably beating the panties at least once and the taints and yucks Sunday)

2) Matt Ryan only throw a couple more interceptions the rest of the year and no more red zone picks--my heart can't take it

3) Vic Beasley get a few more sacks and look like a #1 draft pick

What say you

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All I want for a merry Falcon Christmas is the season to be over before Christmas so I can actually enjoy the holiday.

Aw come on Herr Beast--Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah this football season will be over soon

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I would then be done with the NFL

As would I, but I'm about to that point anyways between the primadonnas playing, the horrible officiating, and the pandering to feminists and leftists being shoved down my throat. And due to the commercials and officiating, a game takes more than 3 hours to play. I am starting to realize I have better things to do with my time.

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Umm ...

I guess keeping it strictly Falcon related,

1. Matt to slow it down mentally and fix his mental errors and just play like he is capable.

2. Fans around here to stop being emotional knee jerks, use common sense, and think realistically and not fantasy football like.

3. Roddy finish off his probable last year with some lightning in a bottle. Go out like a madman.

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