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Once And For All


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We had a good draft class this off-season. Way above average from any standpoint. But as ukfalc said, we really don't know the inner workings of all the myriad people who influence the decisions in every round. In the years before Pioli though, I lay the majority of the problems we have on the OL and lack of pass rush on TD. Since the arrival of Pioli and now Quinn, I think TD has lost much of the direct involvement in the selection process and I believe our drafts have improved because of it. He let the core of the team disintegrate. A competent GM doesn't let that happen.

The dawn of the new Dome is fast approaching. I would imagine the clock is ticking on TD's time at Flowery Branch and he won't see a day in the owner's box in the new place if this team misses the play-offs this year and again next. As for Quinn, if his team keeps playing like it's played lately, he might not see a game as HC in the new Dome either. Blank can not move into his new high-dollar barn featuring a team that's a steaming pile. That would make him look a real clown, and more importantly, it would hurt the all-sacred bottom line.

I think the stadium is being overblown. Blank doesn't seem like a knee jerk man. After this year's start I believe Quinn showed he has a lot of potential as a head coach. Given a tailspin outta the playoffs this year and no playoffs the next year would look terrible but I believe punting Quinn for a new HC after 2 years would inspire less confidence then it's intended

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