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Who Brought Shanny To The Falcons?


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Clearly we're struggling again but this time it's different!

We have major$$$ sunk into a new stadium and yet we're playing like we should be in a division A league.

The back office of this organization has to get it's head out of the sand and take a proactive position!

We all know Atlanta is a City of transplants but there are 1000s of 2nd generation kids that do not believe in the Falcons and do not support them (my eldest kid being one of them). I've tried everything but the Falcon's just don't inspire! We don't get any national coverage and when we do it's about how bad we are!

The back office needs to do something real soon or they'll be looking at a fantastic yet "half full" stadium!!

It's clear that TD is part of the problem - he just can't get anything right. But now we're stuck with an aging QB who's regressing and we have a Head Coach that can't right our sinking ship! There's no excuse that week after week we encounter the same problems!

Tomorrow morning Quinn better have his boot up the rear of a few people or it's proof that he's operating beyond his abilities!

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Does anyone have a link to where Quinn takes ownership of that? I've seen Dimitroff say that's what Quinn wanted, but I won't take Dimitroff at his word.

Dude its been pretty well documented. Why the **** he thought the need to change one of the best offenses in the league is something that really concerns me about Quinn.

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Does anyone have a link to where Quinn takes ownership of that? I've seen Dimitroff say that's what Quinn wanted, but I won't take Dimitroff at his word.

they were Linked the entire time




Google it if you want more

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Quinn and shanahan wanted to join forced in the 14 off-season, but quinn stayed in Seattle. As soon as Quinn was asked to interview with Atlanta, he called shanahan and asked if he wanted to come. Quinn knew his oc selection before his meeting with blank/td. Not once was Matt consulted about offensive coordinators. Not once was he asked what his opinion was about schemes or offenses in general.

Not sure how or why a year after Matt signs a multi year contract, he's frozen out of hiring a coaching staff that won't be here longer than him. Baffling in my opinion.

I don't know that in 34 years that I've ever been this annoyed with the franchise.

You have running backs giving the ball away, costing us wins, yet he stays in the game. The offense is the definition of anemic. Matt looks like he's playing in an offense where he's handcuffed. I pray each night that we fire shanahan, and hire a coach that Matt meshes with.

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And you're basing that off of him leaving two franchises that have been nothing but poison for how long?

How many chances does Wonder Boy get before he finally gets some blame? He couldn't get along with McNabb, RGIII, the Cleveland front office. He's lead an offense that made the playoffs ONE time out of his eight years as an OC. Why does he continue to get a pass? If his last name wasn't Shanahan, he wouldn't be an OC anywhere right now.

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