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Has Any Fanbase In Nfl History Ever Been Afraid...


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to see their offense actually MOVE the ball downfield? I'm not talking about 3 & outs or punts. Every fanbase is use to that and it sucks. But to actually be anxious and full of trepidation to see your team DRIVE the ball downfield, slowly creeping from their 20 all the way to the redzone, is a strange feeling. On the start of that last drive of the half, I told my friend that I would actually be surprised to see us NOT turn the ball over. And, lo and behold, I was not disappointed.

I think it's interesting because I'm pretty sure this the first time in NFL history where a fanbase is scared to see their team move the ball fluidly downfield, because the odds that a critical **** up will happen near the end zone are so high.

I mean statistically, to see a team move the ball drive after a drive and then mess it up 90% of the way through about 15 different times, borders on the paranormal. This is some X-files ****.

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