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I Wonder What Arthur Blank Is Thinking Right Now? Compared To 6 Weeks Ago...


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Arthur blank made several million today I'm sure he is counting money rite about now

yeah, really dumb response. More than just about anything, AB wants to make the Falcons a winner - like most succesful people, he has a huge ego and is ultra-competitive.

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Blank is an old school patriarch who surrounds himself with people who tell him what he wants to hear. That will always be part of the whole problem.

This is spot in. Blank needs to hire real football personnel and let them do their job. Teams with owners that meddle too much don't make it very far. I actually suspect the idiotic Julio trade was more his fault than Dimitroff. Though Dimitroff has to be fired before this team will improve.

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Let's be fair the Browns don't have one player left on the organization that they drafted with those picks.

TD needs to be fired yesterday. Shanahan may be on the chopping block too... Let's give Quinn another season or two because the defense is improving.

As far as AB goes... He's probably mad as **** right now. Probably is cursing out Quinn and company, and they have big plans for that stadium even if the Falcons put out a shoddy product on the field... They already secured the college football national championship and I'm sure they'll get all kinds of events in there.

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still glad we have Quinn but....

seems no matter who the coach is the Falcons cannot generate a passrush.

Of course it was right to change the headcoach. But the hate for Smith was ridicolous at the end.

This man did a heck of a job after the Vick desaster.

He is a solid headcoach, but his biggest mistake was to let Abraham play in a meaningless game 17.

If Abraham would be healthy, the falcons had won the superbowl against the ravens. at least a very good chance

and then he made some mistakes, and was hurt by very bad decisions of the GM

For me Dimitroff is a very bad GM.

So many bad FA signings.......the worst Signing was Edward from the Vikings!

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