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Matt Ryan Struggles If His 1St Read Isn't Open


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The problem exists since he came into the league. The problem is, he is now in a system that requires a QB to go through his reads or otherwise the offense is pointless.

Mike Smith knew what Matt Ryan could or could not do. Dan Quinn is just about to find out.

So you're telling me Matt Ryan made the pro bowl multiple times without ever making reads? The Mike Smith was a ******** genius

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Roddy was a HOF in 2014?

Tony Gonzalez was not physically as good as he was with The Chiefs, but he bascially was the office, and he made reads on his own, and read zones. He stuck out his hand to Ryan, and got the ball when he called for it....Even doubled.

When playoff teams stopped fearing Roddy and Turner, they bascially wrestled Tony to the field, and The NFL refs did not pull flags in big playoff games..

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Ryan tries to force the ball on his second or third read in his progression and what happens is a pick, and quite a few of those have been in the red zone.....right now this offense and Ryan are a joke.

And honestly a lot of the mistakes we're seeing is bad coaching" especially the turnovers and the penalties.....I'm just gonna call this season a wash, and hope we can improve some area's in the draft and free agency for next year........

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