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Clock Stopage?


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The clock is stopped when that player is tackled or goes out of bounds. The clock is then restarted when the offense snaps the ball for their first play and continues to run unless one of the following occurs:

A player carrying the ball goes out of bounds within the last two minutes of the first half or the last five minutes of the second[

Coleman went out of bounds with 2:15 left and they wound the clock to 2:00. Do they just decide to do whatever with the clock?

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Just checking in. So, in an entire half of football Atlanta pours in 3...

Two more gifts to the other team.

This offense is almost unwatchable. If someone were to tell me we were trying to throw games I would have to seriously consider it...

Defense allowed one TD and has a pick. If this ineffective offensive manure-fest continues in the second half then AB needs to get involved and explain what the **** is going on. Because he owes the fanbase an explanation.

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