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Uga Fires Richt


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I like it.....of course the worry is UGA will take a step back - but honestly, a step back from what? 9-3 every year and a bowl berth in the Outback bowl? Consistently losing big games and one WTF loss every year as well.

I just hope that Greg McGarity already knows who the replacement is - this is a year where there are so many college openings that it is really not ideal time to fire coach.

As far as losing recruits this year and Jacob Eason - I don't care about it - I hope we keep Eason but UGA was never going to get to the upper level w/ Richt - he had 15 freaking years and the program had peaked.

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Shocked is the word! Did not think it would happen. Wow...

They better have a solid plan. We need to keep Eason and this outstanding class together.

If this class falls apart, I am afraid we have a step back before we go forward. I never considered myself a Richt homer, but a supporter yes. I cut my teeth as a youngster with Dooley and #34. After #34 went on to the NJ Generals, Dooley wasnt winning any championships. The Goff years, well they sucked. Donnan was barely ok and we struggled to maintain above average despite great athletes. Richt came in and elevated the program. And its true he may have reached his ceiling, I just hope we improve and dont regress.
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