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Colorado Springs Shooting At Planned Parenthood Clinic. Three Confirmed Dead...

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That's a sad statement. I taught my children well and have no such issues.

That's nice. However, for the most part abstinence sex ed and teaching that sex is immoral does not work. They do not teach safe sex practices and the people taught it ignore what was taught once the scare tactics wear off which leads to high rates of unwanted pregnancy and spread of STDs. Realistic sex education, expanding birth control access whether it's the pill or condoms (which Planned Parenthood gives people for free), and greater access to STD tests (which, again, Planned Parenthood provides, though not for free) are what we need and states that provide these things have lower rates of both things.

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Seventeen year-old Laquan McDonald was shot and killed by police in October 2014. Video of the shooting was released last week. The police officer who shot McDonald has been charged with first degree murder.

Five Chicago police officers gave false statements that back up discredited version of cop who fatally shot teen.

Officers’ Statements Differ From Video in Death of Laquan McDonald

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