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Josh Norman Vs Julio


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Norman is good, but without that front seven he would just be another decent corner.

This ^

Norman has done well on Julio in recent games in large part because of that entire Carolina defense. Especially the previous two seasons when our O line has been trash.

He did pretty good on Dez last night, but Dez also missed a couple that he should have had.

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Lol. Ryan was sacked what, nine games against Carolina in that last game or whatever? And the game before he was pressured. Meaning Julio doesn't have much time to create separation.

Julio eats any corner in the league if Ryan has time in the pocket. Norman is overrated honestly. He's basically Sherman who has a lot of help. Once they aren't able to pay that duo of DTs and that DL gets older, his true colors will show.

Trufant has done it without a pass rush. Norman also, all I've seen, is stop deep routes that are really under thrown. Trufant is one of the best I have seen covering in routes and slants and all that. And Trufant is actually a good tackler. Idk if Norman is or not.

Norman is basically Nnamdi with the Raiders. A stat sheet stuffer that fits the system.

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Y'all are a bunch of dumb fks.....Carolina DL against our TD 8 yr rebuilt OL. Julio is better but Norman has the advantage. Let's make another coaching change.....it's all about coaching and has nothing to do with drafting or acquiring players. It's all scheme and player development...I've paid attention to all the f n know it alls. TD is a f n genius......

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Guest facelessman07

Norman would still be great without a great front 7.

my god.. why do yall put down an opposing player to prop up Falcons players?

'Cuz dude, we gotta do it to stay competitive. Anyone with a brain realizes that wearing a Falcons uni instantly makes any player better. It's science.

But back to the original topic-Norman, who covered Jones for the most part, only allowed 10 catches for 107 yards and gave up no TD's last year in 2 games. Carolina's defense has improved from 21st last year to 5th in the league this year, much of which is due to an improved pass rush. If Norman could contain Jones last year with a weaker defense, it's not a stretch of the imagination to say he can do the same again this year given the circumstances. But, be warned, if he shuts down Julio be prepared to hear the excuses...

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They'll move Julio around quite a bit. I expect to see him in the slot a good bit. Norman got ill when Dez went into the slot Thursday. The pass rush helps Norman a ton, but he also has very good ball skills. He's a very good player. That said, I don't think he can "shut down" Julio if Matt has time. Big if...

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