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Manziel Demoted To Third String For Legally Drinking

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Anyone else find this ridiculous? Cleveland's season is over, a perfect time to see what you've got in your young QB, and they decide to bench Manziel for going out to a club with his friends, which is perfectly legal. I understand the guy was in rehab after last season, but nobody knows what for. If a grown man wants to go out and drink with some of his friends from back home, what's the big deal? Mike Pettine is acting like he's Johnny Manziel's dad and found weed in his sock drawer. Truly can't believe how much this has been blown out of proportion.

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y'all not aware of the problems he has with drinking and partying? and rehab etc etc? yeah he's legal drinking age, but he's gotten himself into some trouble because of it and he's paying for it now.

hopefully he won't turn into another "young rich ball player who can't get past a drinking/drug problem"

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