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Brady And His Passion On The Sidelines.

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Lol at some of these posts. "Hey, let's make Brady look bad so our QB will look better!"

Classic...it never gets old...

I'll be honest and say that this usually happens but I don't see much of that.

For the most part you will see Flying Falcon for example disliking Brady and he's usually the one on the "negative" side of things.

There are posts defending Matt Ryan instead.

10-0 lol


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Guest Dirty Bird Nation ®

He has to throw it sky high. No velocity.

Exactly. I was watching Carson Palmer against the Bengals and dam. Look at his deep balls and you can see that Matt Ryan lacks arms strength.

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How many points did the offense score in the 2nd half of that game?

Man the playcalling in the 2nd half was sooooo stupid. Run run pass. Run run pass. Run run pass. O **** they caught up lets starting passing now. It was honestly so frustrating to watch. The pass game was working so well in the 1st half and conservative Mike Smith killed all the momentum. Completely cooled off our offence. That was the biggest reason we lost the game.

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That picture is misleading. There was a saftey crashing down on Gonzalez. 49ers called a really good play for what we were trying to do.

Yes, THAT safety you speak of was about 5 yards away at this point. Tony makes the catch and gets tackled. First Down!.. he's already past the mark needed.

You see that's the problem with our mentality versus a the Patriots. Instead of taking this win..we were hoping the refs would assist us, so we decide to throw through the traffic to a Roddy White who's being held.

Guess what..we didn't get the call. Game Over..Dreams Crushed!

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