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Brady And His Passion On The Sidelines.

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Guest Negatorris

Brady's passion has led them to a whole 10 points in 2.5 quarters.

And 4 SB rings. Don't ever disrespect Brady, especially if you defend Matty Melt.

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I wonder if old skillet hands would still be on the team if Belichick was in charge. I think one of the reasons Brady has always made no names look good is because they weren't around long enough to lead the league in drops. Ryan may be having some issues but considering all the changes this season and what he has done for the team in the past.... He gets a pass from me. I think he will get it going.

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Brady's been pretty inaccurate tonight with all this pressure... missing players in the flats too.... hmmmmm

Brady almost always plays terrible when he gets constant pressure in his face. Especially when it comes up the middle. Same thing with Manning and Brees.

One QB I can think of who plays consistently well most of the time with pressure in his face all game is Matt Ryan.

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This is one of the dumbest narratives.

Matt deserves a ton of criticism for his play this season. Bad decisions, bad footwork, bad mistakes.

Leadership isn't the issue.



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