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Brady And Ryan Have Similar Arm Strength.

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Setting the record straight.

Ryan botched Hail Mary yesterday not withstanding.

Ryan threw a game-saving completion from halfway in our end zone 65 yards in the air a few years ago to RW.

Also we have all seen 30 yard lasers to Tony G in years past.

I don't know what his problem is this year. He is staring down receivers, not seeing open ones, and lobbing balls.

One can argue that he is responsible for all of our losses this season as well as some wins being closer than they should have.

He should be at his peak this season instead of costing us a playoff run.

With the talent around him and a descent defense making plays for him ... There are no excuses.

Physically he has the ability but his head and/or the coaching is not right.

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Banking on a Hailmary is always a bad idea.

I don't understand why Julio is the go to guy between the 20s then disappears in the redzone.

Why don't we utilize our TEs in the redzone either. The two TD passes to DiMarco is a great example of what we should be doing.

I don't think Ryan has bad arm strength. I think our offense has lost identity and he has put it on himself to make it happen. Only issue is he is struggling because he is overthinking it out there.

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Guest Negatorris

He has terrible footwork and panics like a deer in headlights at the slightest pressure. Brady is cool and calm in all situations. It's like comparing the worth of gold to poop.

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Brady still looks like a strong-arm baseball player when he needs to throw it hard. I don't think Ryan has ever had an arm like Brady or Stafford.

Ryan was third in the college QB challenge throwing in the mid 60s. Flacco won it with 72. Ryan missed second by a couple to Henne, also known for arm strength. He has comparable arm strength to Brady, he is just playing much worse.

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