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All Of These Rats Jumping Ship!


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Some will never get it. They act as if this franchise has earned the benefit of the doubt. They haven't earned a thing. They deserve ask the criticism they are getting.

I want to win a SB. I dont care for respect, for winning seasons without playoff impact. I want to see the Falcons win at least one SB in my lifetime. And once it becomes obvious that the crew of the ship, or the captain of the ship or whoever is responsible for anything regarding the ship is not capable to sailing the boat towards a Lombardi trophy, that person has to go. Unload them and get new sailors.

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please point out where i said that? i understand that they are rookies and will have some bumps, unlike you who seems to expect all pros out the gate.

Wrong again sherlock. Just said they are a big reason why we have lost 4 games. It's one thing to not make plays to help us win, another to do things to help us lose. They are making negative plays. Can't have that.

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we were 5-0 --- mostly shaky non-convincing 5 wins

And now in the last 5 games we are 1-4 and getting progressively worse and unraveling -- so -- despite our current record -- we are not progressing and we seem to be not learning anything from our mistakes or we are simply not good enough to correct our mistakes we keep making every week

The boat hasn't made it to the gulf yet and y'all are thinking that the journey is already over! We' are at week 11 of the new coaches first season. Did y'all think we were gonna be as good as the NFL's elite teams this soon? Seriously?

It's not fun to watch the team beat themselves, and sure as heck ain't fun for the players. I think a little more time is needed before they fire Dan Quinn as some of y'all suggest. That would be a bush league move. Patience grasshopper!

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I guess i'm beginning to get immune from it all, didn't get to giddy when they were up 21-7 and wasn't surprised when they lost the lead either.

Has a 5-0 team ever not made the playoffs?

Yes. 2003 Vikings started 6-0 and missed playoffs.


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