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Ryan is playing like chit. That said, the ignorance of a thread entitled "Are you WOKE yet" lowers everyone's IQ by 20 points when they read it.

😑😑 y'all are ******* idiots , broken English correct English regardless of how I start my thread its mine and heres the point Matt Ryan sucks thank you have a good day

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I could care less about patting myself on the back this is more so about bringing attention to what the problem really is before everybody gets the blaming Dan Quinn or Kyle Shanahan... People can say it Shanahan's offering but Matt Ryan was doing the same **** last year with a different coordinator


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But, you are dumb.

What kind of idiot really thinks benching a franchise QB is a good idea? Do you think we can just sign some guy off the street to put up 300+ yds and 2+ tds a game?

Some of y'all need lobotomies for real

Well, he sure is doing the team a lot of good now, isn't he... with all those 300+yd games and 1-4 in the last 5 games. I've been a staunch Ryan supporter, but realize he has regressed substantially. Renfree isn't the answer, but Ryan sure is a part of the problem...no doubt. I'm actually looking forward to a new QB era, whenever that may be.

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