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We Might End Up With A Top 10 Pick

brown bomber

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The goal for the staff and the players should still be to work on and get the schemes down, so you can have them down pat for next season. We can't abandon the future for the present.

If that ends with us missing the playoffs and picking high, then so be it. It might just be for the best.

This is TAFT, whatchu talkin' bout Willis????

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Guest facelessman07

As I sit here watching Green Bay play...

Send our 1st rounders for the next 3 years and a lifetime supply of coke to the socialist fans in Wisconsin for Rodgers

Make it happen

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We have the sorriest QB in the division.. Quit protecting this BUM

Last season he was the consensus best QB in the division. Better than Brees according to some neutral writers/analysts.

New offense is put in place, he struggles, now he's the worst QB evarrrr.


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Cardale Jonesie comie to Atlantie

Please not Cardale. Even though Matt hasn't been great, he's still the QB for this team. Also, I've said before, every QB in the draft class really does suck and doesn't seem to be top-10 worthy whatsoever. They're just slightly better than the 2013 draft class.

yeah that would be silly.

zekie comie to atlantie

That'd be even more idiotic....
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Trade Matt Ryan to a team that just needs a QB to compete for a first rounder and use both first rounders to trade up and get someone with some upside.

Because Matt Ryan has no upside. He will not get any better ever. Any quite frankly, since getting the fat contract extension he has significantly regressed.

This post has the balls to say what we are all thinking

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