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Cap Space Question


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We got a ton of 1 year contracts to sift through next year but aside from that our cap looks pretty solid. Julio and Matt take up the most of our cap but apart from that we got guys who can be cut and plenty of monopoly money to buy hotels on boarkwalk and parkplace.

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We're scheduled to be about $22 million under the cap in 2016, though that's subject to change. The NFL will probably raise the salary cap again, as they've done for the past several years.

Our biggest free agents in 2016 will be:

O'Brien Schofield - Probably re-sign

Adrian Clayborn - Probably re-sign

Kroy Biermann - Think we finally let Kroy walk

Leonard Hankerson - Probably re-sign

Chris Chester - Not sure on Chester, given his age

Jake Long - Hard to say since he actually hasn't played in any games

Potential cap casualties (estimated cap savings in parentheses):

William Moore ($3,350,000) - Cutting Moore would save a lot of money, but even with his injury history, he's probably safe for another year

Andy Levitre ($3,337,500) - I can't see us cutting Levitre

Devin Hester ($3,000,000) - Hester could definitely be a cap casualty given how much he'd save us, and his age... let's see how he performs once returning from injury

Paul Soliai ($2,700,000) - Soliai should be safe, given how well he has played this year

Justin Durant ($2,583,332) - Durant should be safe as well, given that our primary focus will be on upgrading MLB

Matt Bryant ($2,516,666) - Bryant could be cut, given that he's beginning to show signs of a dropoff, and his high salary (for a kicker)

Roddy White ($2,362,500) - I'd hate to see Roddy go, but this largely depends on whether or not Shanahan can figure out how to use him on offense

Jonathan Babineaux ($2,000,000) - Babs should be safe, unless we're completely confident we can replace his production with Grady Jarrett

Jacob Tamme ($1,600,000) - Tamme should be safe, though I'm hoping for a high rookie draft pick to learn behind him

Tyson Jackson ($1,550,000) - I expect T-Jax to be sent packing, or perhaps traded to a desperate 3-4 team

Jon Asamoah ($1,400,000) - I don't think anyone has a freaking clue what is going on with Asamoah at this point

Eric Weems ($935,000) - Weems should be safe, given that he's shown some flashes at KR/PR while filling in for Hester, and is a ST ace

Mike Person ($833,332) - I doubt Person gets cut, even if we do look to upgrade at the starting C position

Patrick DiMarco ($760,000) - DiMarco should be safe as well, although he has cooled off in recent weeks

Malliciah Goodman ($675,000) - We're not even making Goodman part of the active roster on gamedays, so I think he'll be let go this offseason

Biggest "surprise" cuts would probably be Willy Mo or Matt Bryant. Salary cap analysis led a lot of us into rightfully predicting Harry Douglas would be let go this past offseason, so these numbers give you an idea of who Quinn, TD, & Co. might be looking to axe next year. If you can replace someone with a similar (and younger) player, for less money, it's probably a savvy business move.

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Considering he's he second best WR on our current roster, and he's likely not gonna make much money next offseason, it makes sense to retain him.

Probably depends on how the Falcons feel about Justin Hardy going into his second year.

I can definitely see Bryant and Moore gone. Sadly also Roddy. Just too much money invested in those 3 vets.

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Probably depends on how the Falcons feel about Justin Hardy going into his second year.

I can definitely see Bryant and Moore gone. Sadly also Roddy. Just too much money invested in those 3 vets.

I begrudgingly see your point, but the salary tied up in those three is only valuable if we are to spend it elsewhere. We don't have a whole lot of salary increases for young guys coming next year, and I don't see us being big players in FA.

ETA: This is especially true since Hester (who will undoubtedly be cut) is making more than Roddy, and dayum near as much as WillMo.

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Just to re-emphasize, the numbers are parentheses are estimated cap savings if those players are cut pre-June 1st. I didn't list their actual salaries.

One good thing is that we are not cash-strapped. We should have money for a similar approach in free agency this offseason (4-5 solid additions, no superstars) without having to cut very many veterans.

The 2016 free agent class also isn't very impressive at our positions of need. Pass rushers look especially weak. Hopefully we can snag a guy like Bruce Irvin, because there isn't much else out there (unless the Broncos were to let Von Miller get away).

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