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Ufc Rousey Vs Holm Tonight...

Leon Troutsky

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1 hour ago, Statick said:

Ronda just needs to go Hollywood ala Dwayne Johnson. I think she'll do well at it. She's not bad looking, plus Hollywood needs a viable female action star.


The problem is that from everything that I have heard, her acting ability is really bad. And this is from an industry that keeps finding work for Vin Diesel, so you know she must really suck. 

9 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

If Ronda wants to fight still, at the very least she needs to change camps.  Her current camp isn't helping her, and IMHO is actively hurting her. 

She's convinced herself she has a viable standup game.  She doesn't.  She either needs to develop one or stop trying to stand up with KO artists.

Knocking out Bethe Correia was the worst thing to happen to her. It convinced her and that moron of a coach that she was an elite striker. She can go to Alliance to Tristar and build a game around her strengths if she's really serious about her career. But she's made enough money that I think she's going to hang it up. 

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3 minutes ago, The Legendary SB said:

Didn't know about the latest thing.  

It was a diuretic that helps you pee more.  It's useful for cutting weight for that obvious reason but is considered to be a masking agent (if you pee more you can flush stuff out of your system).  Noting her obvious weight cut problems the weight cut explanation is certainly plausible.  

It's a bit fishy but there's no evidence of steroids or juicing as you implied.  We'll see how the UFC handles it.

It's also a DHT inhibitor that is commonly used by females to counteract the side effects of steroid use. It's been on the banned list for a long time. 

And the UFC isn't handling anything. This is a USADA issue now. Being a multiple time offender she's looking at a possible 3 year suspension. 

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28 minutes ago, The Legendary SB said:

Yes, DHT inhibitor = masking agent.  I said that in my post.

This just isn't an obvious guilty verdict on the surface as this drug is very useful for weight cutting as well.  If it was used for weight cutting it was just a dumb move to not check the banned list first.  If it is proven that it was used to mask steroid use then she should be kicked out of the sport.  

Either way it's dumb.  She's either dumb for using a banned substance for weight cutting or she's dumb for using roids as she doesn't need them.  She'd whoop anyone's azz without the roids.   So we'll see what the USADA does.  If they find her innocent then Cyborg is the best female fighter in the world.  If they find her guilty then Nunes is the best (clean) female fighter in the world.  Either way an ugly Brazillian chick is the best female fighter in the world.  Sorry Dana.

The sad truth is that a hawt female champion promotes women's MMA more and an ugly champ demotes women's MMA.  When Gina Carano was champ women's MMA was on the rise.  After Cyborg beat her it dropped.  Then when Ronda became champ it was on the rise again (note that I don't think Ronda is that hawt but they did make overs on her to make her look more hawt).  Now that Nunes is the champ I expect interest in women's MMA to fall again.  No more Meisha Tate (who is legit hawt but her nose is jacked from being punched in the face too many times) and likely no more Ronda = bye bye women's MMA.  It will still be around but probably won't be in the limelight.   This is why Dana propped up Rhonda as much as possible.  He wanted a decent looking female champ.  Ugly champs don't sell...  Sad reality.

Actually it is an obvious guilty verdict if she has in fact tested positive for a substance on the banned list. It's on the banned list for a reason. 

How is anyone supposed to have sympathy for her now? She claims that the weight cut nearly kills her, but there she is on Instagram the next week packing on more muscle mass by doing 300+ pound deadlifts. And now she tests positive for a substance commonly associated with steroids use. No one is going to want to hear her complaining about weight. 

And don't put this on the UFC. They set up a 145 division just for her. She could have dominated it and been a huge star, but fat chance of that now. And she has no one to blame but herself. Her looks have nothing to do with it. (Though continued steroid use isn't going to help in that department either.)

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5 minutes ago, The Legendary SB said:

You say things like this when there was only one bad test in 2011 and dozens of clean tests since.  One positive test result for steroids 5 years ago doesn't = continued steroid use.  

That's one way to look at it. Maybe she got caught the only two times she decided to cheat. Another way to look at it is that maybe she's been cheating all along and these were the only times she was caught. 

Either way, she's been caught cheating multiple times and I'm finding it really hard to muster up any sympathy for her. 

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7 minutes ago, The Legendary SB said:

The first offense in 2011?  Yes, cheating, absolutely.  At the same time many fighters who are still glorified have been busted for the same things.  Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, etc...

The recent offense?  Highly debatable as this drug is great for cutting weight.  It is a banned substance so I do expect a suspension.  The length of the suspension will likely be based on what the  USADA thinks was the motivation for taking the drug.  I'm just saying that the weight cut explanation is much more likely than the covering up roids explanation since the weight cut was a much tougher opponent than Lina Länsberg.

The problem with that is that she claims she was prescribed it by her doctor for excessive fluid retention after a tough weight cut. As a health care professional, I can tell you that there would be many other diuretics that I would prescribe before Spirolactone. 

It makes no difference. She knowingly took a drug on the banned list. But knowing what I know about those substances, I'm skeptical of her story. 

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15 minutes ago, The Legendary SB said:

Do you have many patients doing 30-40 pound weight cuts?

Irrelevant. It's known to be a banned substance, as are most diuretics. It's cheating to get an unfair advantage. Spirolactone has the added benefit of inhibiting dihydrogen testosterone which is why women on anabolic steroids commonly use it. 

Maybe she was using it just for the weight cut, or maybe she was using it to suppress the side effects of being overloaded with testosterone due to steroid use. In the end, it doesn't matter. It's still cheating. 

If she's having such a difficult time with cutting weight, she may do well doing more cardio and less 300 pound deadlifts. 

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