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Ufc Rousey Vs Holm Tonight...

Leon Troutsky

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I haven't seen the fight yet but whoever told Rousey it was a good idea to stand up and trade blows with Holm needs their head examined. Rousey had no problems getting tied up with other opponents in the past, that should have been the game plan.

Maybe Rousey got overconfident after out striking Correia. People like Holm, Cyborg, and the Gina Carano of old, you don't stand up and trade blows with.

It's obvious you didn't see the fight then. Rousey did all she could to close the distance for a takedown but Holm did a masterful job of maintaining distance with footwork and her straight left that she landed every time Ronda came into range. Of course Ronda also made it much easier by chasing her in a straight line and not using any angles.

Great fight plan vs very poor fight plan.

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Yep just saw the whole fight. Holm had some great escapes from the clinch. Something that Rousey's other opponents have failed to do, including those with a wrestling background.

We knew Holm could strike but her escapes from the clinch were the most impressive thing about the fight. If Holm continues to be able to escape Rousey's clinch then Rousey's not getting that title back.

As I said, styles make fights. Holm could very well lose to Meisha Tate, Amanda Nunes, or Julianna Pena. The entire division is in play again.

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I like Rousey but this was awesome to see. The fight was over the second she started chasing Holm around the ring. Rousey looked so uncoordinated and out of control about midway through the 1st.

Her coaching was awful for this fight. Holly Holm is a world class boxer, there was absolutely no excuse for Rousey to try to trade blows with her. You could tell that she lost confidence in the fight plan after about the 5th or 6th time she got tagged and she just continued to walk right into Holm's left hand.

Hopefully this will humble her a little bit and she'll drop the obnoxious act. Rousey will take the re-match.

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Ya if Holm can escape Rousey's clinch then Rousey has no hope of beating Holm. Her best chance is for someone else to beat Holm then Rousey beats that person. But then she'd have to duck Holm like she ducks Cyborg :P

Rousey vs Cyborg isn't dead yet. What if Cyborg drops to 135 and beats Holm.... Then we could finally have Cyborg vs Rousey with Rousey as the challenger this time. Same thing happened with Tyson and Holyfield. Tyson would never fight Holyfield when he was the champ but once Holyfield had the belt it was on. That said, I still don't know if Cyborg will ever make 135.

If Holm remains the champ I have no problem not seeing Holm vs Cyborg because Holm doesn't run her mouth about Cyborg. So far they are showing respect. From Cyborg's twitter:

Cris Cyborg@criscyborg 11h11 hours ago

Amazing fight congratulation Holly Holm!

zGLpYVEf_bigger.jpgCris Cyborg@criscyborg 11h11 hours agoHuntington Beach, CA

Congratulation Holy Holm amazing head kick! @_HOLLYHOLM

If Cyborg finally decides to drop to 135 to fight Holm when she wouldn't do so to fight Rousey, then that would pretty much answer the question of who was ducking who.

At this point, the UFC has very little use for a steroid case that couldn't/wouldn't make weight now that the division is wide open again.

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I actually sort of agree with you for once. I don't think the fight was fixed but all the hype for the fights is very WWEish. Real martial artists show respect towards each other. Rousey had turned into a WWE character.

She even respects the ring as shown when she enters. Everything that followed seemed like a good show.

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I can see how some have a problem with the persona that Ronda presents. It's not all that likeable.

But I find it odd that we seem to have more of a problem with women trash talking or showing attitude but not so much with men like Conor MacGregor.

I love Rousey and MacGregor. I don't have a problem with trash talking and being cocky, I have a problem with people being disrespectful to their opponents though. Rhonda handled herself really poorly throughout this whole thing and it was really out of character. She has always been respectful and classy otherwise, if a bit obnoxious (as is MacGregor). I don't know what her deal was this go-around.
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