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South Carolina Vs Florida


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Since someone at work just came up and handed me tickets to this game I decided to start a thread. Game does not mean much on either side but SC is looking better and may suprise some by the score but I bet they dont win. Noon Kickoff. Either way Go gamecocks in this one!

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Yup it's gonna be ugly. ALL Florida needs is a QB. If Grier had not ****** up I would feel so much better about this team. Which is funny, considering that I was calling for Harris to start over Grier as early as Week 3, but McElwain obviously made the right choice. Grier was the best QB for this team, but I always thought that we had one of the best backup QB's in the country and was not at all worried when Grier was suspended.

Harris has somehow gotten worse every single week and I don't understand why. I guess I'm just resigned to the fact that he's not that good. If he was, he would have shown something by now.

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Unfortunately I think the feelgood UF story ends with a loss in Atlanta. They might have a chance against LSU but Bama would be a nightmare.

it actually ends a week earlier with fsu. vandy should have had that game last week as well at florida. 12 yard punt was the reason why vandy lost. treon just isn't very good if the game is on his shoulders. they better hope their appeal is won with grier.

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