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Falcons Vs. Rookie & Backup Qbs Since 2012


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Since 2012, I count 13 situations where the Falcons faced an opposing QB who was either a rookie or a backup getting a rare start.

We've faced 6 this season already... two in the Houston game

Player comp/att yards TD/INT


B. Weeden 22/26 233 0/1
** B. Hoyer 17/30 232 2/0

R. Mallett 12/27 130 0/1

Z. Mettenberger 22/35 187 1/2

J. Winston 16/29 177 1/0

B. Gabbert 15/25 185 2/2

2015 TOTAL 104/172 1164 6/6 QBR: 77.76
** Keep in mind that Hoyer did his damage in garbage time, once Houston pulled Mallett & we sat our starters. If you take his numbers out, you're looking at 87/142 932 4/6 QBR: 72.27


T. Bridgewater 19/30 317 0/0

D. Stanton 24/39 294 1/2


G. Smith 16/20 199 3/0

M. Glennon 26/44 256 2/0

E. Manuel 18/32 210 1/0

K. Cousins 29/45 381 3/2


R. Lindley 9/20 64 0/0

FROM 2012 to NOW:

245/402 2885 16/10 QBR: 85.67

So, while 2013 was awful we do seem to have gotten a little better against mystery QBs in the last few seasons.

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None of the guys listed from this year has had a good game, Weeden has the most yards out of all of them but was by far the least effective. Winston probably had the best game out of all of them but TB was helped out a lot by Falcons turnovers.


The D has done well against them this season all things considered... injuries, still no pass rush, our offense coughing the ball up & putting them right back out on the field.

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The Falcons haven't had a good D since 1998. The Vick era never had a D that was worth anything. John Abraham brought a little to the D, but not enough to compensate for years a bad secondaries and terrible LB's.

2004 had a nice pass rush. Kerney had 13 sacks and Rod Coleman had 11.5 sacks. Brady Smith was pretty good at 6.5 sacks, Keith Brooking was a pro-bowler that year. If they had more pieces in the secondary, they could've been a very good defense and would've beaten the Eagles in the NFC Championship.

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Gabbert would have 1 less int and more yds if SF didn't have drops. He easily had the best game out of the bunch.

Blaine Gabbert of all people...

For all we know, Gabbert is nowhere near as bad as everyone though and just had horrible coaching & no talent around him in Jax. Not saying he's great, but maybe there was a reason he was a 1st round pick after all. Might've just needed a change of scenery & a little time for the light to finally come on... who knows?

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I'm.tired of hearing about "our" injuries when SF were without there top 2 backs, number 1 reciever, there top 3 Dbs.. and how they won amazes me.

Pressure & the lack of I think.

i feel like SF knows they're dead in the water, they just benched their Qb & a ton of guys were hurt... so there is no pressure on them because expectations are so low. This allows guys to come out of nowhere & try to make plays. When there's nothing to lose, it's easier to gamble & be aggressive.

On the flip side, I feel like our young guys & depth players don't really "go get it" as much as they just try to take what's there. Outside of Freeman, I cannot remember the last time we had a guy fight for his shot to be starter. Our guys seem like a bunch of complacent role-players who are thinking too much & trying not to make mistakes rather than trusting their instincts & making plays.

It seems like the exact opposite of what Quinn preached, honestly.

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We'd be freaking 8-1 if our offense played at 80% of its effectiveness without the turnovers. The D has done enough to be 8-1 tbh....

Pass rush notwithstanding the D has definitely held up their end of the bargain. Who would have thought that the offense with the leading rusher and receiver in the NFL would be holding the entire team back? Even special teams is holding up without Hester.

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