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Predictably Out Of Balance


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For me Sunday was the epitome of WTF. Rocket surgeons and brain scientists will study film for two weeks. I pray they find some answers.

I am not a smart man but I know what love is, however I have no idea what HC and OC are thinking, I do hope they are capable of arithmetic.

Now to the opinions with absolutely no facts:

- Off the top of my head I think we ran the ball 12 times (too lazy to look up the numbers-correct me and flame at will please) and passed 45 times. Again off the top of my head I think that is about 75-80 percent pass. Last season we were about 66% pass (off the top of my head - I aint researching shite). This was fail and we made a vow to get a real run game.

- Sunday the majority of the runs were left and right stretches that resulted in tfl (the exaggerated show of the football before hand-off insured that people in the nosebleed seats at the panthers game knew where the ball was going - Hopes that this was to set up a 'fooled ya' play-action pass were in vain). Middle runs seemed to yield some positive yards but we preferred to stay in shotgun and pass, pass, pass - punt (Possibly so no lineman would trip the QB?)

Total abandonment of the run and targeting the same dudes over and over again on essentially the same plays looks pretty predictable from my couch so I imagine it makes it easier on professionals, especially since there are now weeks of film to study.

Maybe at some point we should spend some serious effort banging the ball and shoving guys around at the line of scrimmage - these backs are good enough to get yards if you make a little crease for them by blocking guys in front of you instead of tripping the QB and whatnot...

Predictability (its been this way)- Game planning and play calling are the biggest problems (with horrible snaps half the time being a runner up I am sure) - Question: if you know your center snaps the ball on the ground 33 percent of the time( made that number up) why in the **** are you in shotgun all the time? - in game repetition will make it better?

We do not blitz because ... I give up. Its football science evidently. On the one hand we have played enough defense to win if the offense scored a few more points, on the other we have made some folks look pretty good at QB who have never looked all that good before.

I am not in a panic, but one must be realistic. I do not mind winning ugly but losing ugly is no good. Hopefully we get this figured out and lurch forward.

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So many fans think we can just do things cuz we want to whyd didnt we do this blah blah - because we cant, were not good enough currently on the oline to run up the gut right now, they were when teams were were sending safeties and LBs over to help with Julio, they said **** that well force u to beat us through the air and thats what the niners did, because we are having trouble in the passing game with several issues, also mainly related to the oline -

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