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Come December And The Panthers


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The Falcons simply aren't as talented as the Panthers are....yet.

Their defense is much better than the Falcons, and while a lot of people would (rightfully so) give the edge to the Falcons as far as the respective offenses are concerned the recent woes Atlanta has had on offense negates that advantage.

IMO Carolina wins both of their matches against the Falcons rather easily.

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The thing is you never know. When we're rolling, the Saints or Bucs or Panties always seem to jump up and bite us. I'm not saying that WILL happen, and I certainly anticipate no better than a split for us, but it sure CAN happen.

I hope it does. I want to see us knock that smirk off Cam's face.

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I'll make some money in both of those games bettin with the Falcons. If you're interested let me know

Even if I knew it was a mortal lock that the Panthers were going to win I couldn't ever bet against the Falcons.

Can't speak for others though. Maybe you'll get some takers.

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A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to choose from several of the remaining games. I chose to go to this game believing it could be the deciding game for playoffs. Now I'm thinking Carolina will have secured home field advantage and we'll play their scrubs. Oh well, hopefully we're still going after the wild card.

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Ehh the panthers are winning but their defense is NOT playing well. They let Luck drive down the field and force OT, they had to weather a massive packers comeback, They struggled vs the Texans, They let Luke Mccown light them up.

You can not take away 8-0 but their defense is not exactly lights out.

Our struggles have been by in large part self inflicted, it is not like teams are just pushing us around up front on either side of the ball.

Our biggest thing is just doing a better job of being what we can be.

Cutting down on the preventible self inflicted wounds... bobbled snaps, dropped passes, mental mistake penalties etc etc.

To the Panthers credit they are not doing those things and that is a big reason they are 8-0

If we tighten up our issues, I am very confident in any game vs the panthers

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