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Can A Coach Change The Culture Of An Organization

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Or does it start at the top (owner/front office)? What role do the fans play in changing the culture? I honestly believe that this organization is too conservative and plays everything too close to the vest. Too afraid to be bold. I like Quinn, but his assistants leave much to be desired. The free agents are solid and that's it. We hit on Freeman and Matthews, but haven't wowed anyone with out defensive picks in the front 7. We are very average on defense. Dimitroff should have been fired two years ago, but we are so forgiving that he was allowed to stay on. Why, I do not know.

Changing the culture should come with winning, however we even managed to screw that up!!

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Idk what the answer is.

I believe when Blank bought the franchise he genuinely wanted to turn it ino a winning organization. He spared no expense upgrading the facilities, and wooing coaches and potential players. I think he has tried to learn how to be a good owner and hire the right coaches(although nobody is perfect).

But all to no avail.

I actually heard a guy seriously say that it's because the ground they built the dome on is cursed and it will be better when they move.

I guess that's as good an answer as any.

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For years now this team hasn't had a rock solid foundation with the players for the 2 lines of scrimmage or an recognizable identity.

Different coordinators, different position coaches, now even a new head coach...The one constant in all of that?

Thomas Beatrice Dimitroff.

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