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Falcons Fans State Of Mind - Monday Morning

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Pissed.. I know I am at least. We've literally lost the games we should have won easily and won the games everyone thought we might loose. Matt doesn't look like Matt and it seems like the OC is over thinking some things. I feel like next season we will probably be closer to a complete team but we still should be 9-0 with the sloppy play and mental errors.

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I believe the OC and QB are both handicapped by the O-Line's lack of consistency. Every play has to begin with a clean exchange from center to QB. In the pro game this should be automatic. Just put a little doubt in the QB's mind during the exchange and it interupts the timing of the play. With the lack of confidence in the center and the inability of the other O-Line members to give the QB time to execute I am not surprised that the struggles continue. Am I the only one the observed at least one ball "rolled" back to Matt during yesterday's game?

C'mon Falcons coaches it is up to you to recognize this serious problem and at least make an attempt to do something about it.

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