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Its Another Meltdown Monday


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What's sad is that Gabert and Tomsula, probably won't be in the league in a couple of years.

But neither will Quinn, if he doesn't get his head out of his att.

Tomsula looks like a complete dope, and yet he outcoached who I believe to be a future great yesterday. Good for him, because I don't think it is going to happen much for him.

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This team isn't very good. It was lucky the first three games to get some bounces and some incredibly fortunate INT's at critical times to beat the bottom-feeders we faced. The inefficiency on offense, the lousy pass blocking, the non-existent pass rush, the ridiculously soft zone, the poor play from Matt Ryan have been there from week 1 and are more pronounced than ever.

This team will not suddenly catch fire after the bye week. This team may not catch fire in 2016 either because it's now very apparent the team must add about a dozen more above-average players for this roster to be ready to compete with the top teams in the league. You aren't likely to do that in one off-season. Sure you can swap new scrubs for our present ones, but we're learning that really doesn't do much good.

My new outlook is for this team to possibly be a legit contender in 2017. Of course, who knows what will happen between now and then to make that revised forecast too optimistic to match reality. With this team, even optimism aimed for two years down the road may be too much to hope for. On the bright side, I now look at this team with clinical detachment. Too burnt out to really care at this point how bad they suck or when they might stop sucking.

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