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N F C Playoff Standings


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I know we look like a hot mess right now, but anything can happen in the playoffs- we only have to win 4 games in a row. And we've already proven we can do that. I'm just trying to offset the negativity with a ray of hope.

seriously. i know stuff has not gone smoothly lately. but i think most would have taken 6-3 going into the bye. hopefully it is coming at the right time and we can get things turned back around some.

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Falcons couldn't beat the Bucs at home nor a SF team with a backup QB .... definitely couldn't beat Denver but the Colts did ... they play the Colts next.

Then it's the Vikings, they have a better record than the Falcons. Then gotta go on the road next against the Bucs, they couldn't even beat them at home ... then, in between a Jags game (after the TN and now SF games, this isn't no cakewalk), they gotta play the Panthers twice and the Saints to end the season.

You don't to be an expert to look at the games they have left, watch how they're playing on the field and see that it'd take an act of god for them to make the playoffs.

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So your saying we should tank the rest of the way for a higher draft pick? I wouldn't be against tanking if we were 2-7 right now.

I'm saying this has always been a multi year fix. We got our hopes up with a hot start and now we're getting a reality check. If we have a repeat offseason of the last, we'll be very dangerous.

I just don't want to see Worrilow and the lack of pass rush bite us in the tail in the playoffs. That and no other offensive threats outside of Julio and Free coupled with playing on the road is not a good recipe.

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