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Play Calling Has Been...


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a bit predictable & confusing as of late.

* Shanahan seems to be getting a little too cute on 2nd & short plays.

* He's also running slant routes over & over like a newbie who just started playing Madden.

* Ryan running zone read type plays is causing a lot of ball control issues.

* I haven't seen Ryan randomly run no huddle offense until we're desperately behind.

* Haven't seen him stretch the defense much with deep routes.

I feel like a lot this is the cause of Ryan's issues honestly.

He's sort of being managed too strictly & that seems to limit his strengths on the field.

Shanahan has to realize he's not making play calls for mediocre or worse QB anymore.

When we actually face a good team.. we're going to have some major issues if we don't address some of these things.

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If anything I think the play calling has been completely unpredictable. Kyle does occasionally get too cute tho.

But the slant routes are going for 10 yards a pop. The bigger question there has been "where have they been the last 7 years?" Jerry Rice made a career out of the slant route.

Ryan's been going underneath on some of the planned deep routes. He seems hesitant to pull the trigger imo.

Really the only difference in the first 5 weeks and the last 3 has been turnovers and penalties. The offense is definitely in a funk. Whether that is on Matt, the OL (read: Center), or the OC is the question du jour.

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