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If We Go 10-6 With All 6 Losses Coming In The Division, But Still Make The Playoffs As A Wildcard, How Do You Feel?


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I don't even know what my answer to this question is yet. Hopefully somebody knocks Carolina out of the playoffs before we get there. For some reason this team becomes a bumbling mess that can't help but beat themselves against divisional opponents this season.

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Honestly I'd rather sweep our division and miss the playoffs then get swept and end up one and done like we seem to be on the path for.

As bad as last year was at least we swept the Saints, Bucs and almost swept the panthers.

If you aren't winning a SB which we are not this year at least you can sweep your biggest rivals.

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I really wouldn't care. The whole point of the NFL season is to win the Superbowl, period. We can beat out chests all we want about beating everyone in the NFC South but at 6-10, does it matter. That's like bragging about being the world's smartest dumb@ss. If by some happenstance a team lost all their divisonal games, made the playoffs, then won the Superbowl, would their fanbase be mad? If the answer is yes then it must be a Falcons' fan.

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If we lose to all of our divisional opponents, we're one and done in January.

The thing with that is, once you get in the playoffs all bets are off

We have seen time and time again teams perform differently in the playoffs than they have in regular season..... both good and bad.

Once you get in what you did in the regular season means nothing

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