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Hashbrowns Take On The Cluster Show


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Just posted the following... Thought it might offer some therapeutic value for us...

First of all I want to congratulate everyone on these boards.

The simple fact that you are here posting is a tribute to each of you.

I mean after B2B2B2B clown shows, the fact that most of us haven't checked into the looney asylum is a testament to our ability to endure falcon-football-torture.

Unless we hadn't witnessed this self inflicted artillery barrage of epic fail for ouselves, nobody would have believed it possible!

I mean if you just sit back and rerun this three-ring circus, four-week freak show in your mind... you must LOL audibly to yourself.

It's beyond comprehension that this falcons club could accidentally bludgeon themselves that many times in a row!

Over & over & over again, at the most inopportune times, this team decides it will excrete yet another big ol' baby ruth bar in the swimming pool...

One can only imagine that these implosions were done on purpose. A master plan of psychological warfare to cause pain & suffering to it's fan base.

Personally, I am dumbfounded at the sheer magnitude of screw ups. The sheer numbers of unforgivable WTF moments!

It's almost hard to believe that we're not practicing these debacles. I mean how in the **** can a team commit this many blunders in a row unless it's all part of a great big master plan to force the populace into taking meds in order to cope.

IDK what the heck is going on, but at this magnitude, it's a coaches responsibility. Lets pull out the stakes holding up the circus tents and tell the cluster-midgets to GTFO of here! We want our team back and our pride restored asap!

You can tell who the falcon fans are now. They'd be the ones with that weird twitch. They guy in the corner who flinches for no reason and mumbles to himself.

With just the smallest of effort yesterday, we'd be 7-2... But how can I really cry over 6-2 after witnessing a plane flying into a train 4 times in a row?

Go Falcs!!!!! biggrin.png

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6-2. Way better than most teams in the NFL. and With a weak schedule, no since in thinking we won't at least make the playoffs, especially if we quit shooting ourselves in the foot

Wondering if our guys are pressing to hard not to turn the ball over? Is this all just some horrible luck type of thing? Man, I swear I've never seen anything like this before. Please, for goodness sakes, just give us one game where we can watch us play up to our potential.

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Go find out who put alot of $$$$$ on the Bucs and see howmuch the lines were adjusted.

Hmmm, you got some inside info Kiwi? I'm not much of a believer in the conspiracy of games being thrown... Although I do kid around sometimes. Hey, we're all just sheep. The government manipulates us and lies to us like little pawns. So maybe ur right.

...que the..



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