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Ra'shede Hageman


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Dude disappears far to often, and basically was absent the entire game on Sunday.

People are pointing to Beasley for the reason of lack of pass rush, but Hageman has no excuses anymore (rookie, weight, bad DC) to not be producing.

Someone needs to change this kid's attitude and get some results out of him.

Hageman was PFF's lowest graded interior defensive lineman for the week.

Defensive interior tackle: RaShede Hageman, Falcons (-5.1)

The Buccaneers interior offensive line had their way with Hageman, as he was constantly unable to get off blocks and was frequently driven right out of the play. He was able to make three run stops over the course of the game, which shows you how much he struggled every other time, as he finished with a -4.8 run defense grade. Not a day to remember for Hageman.

Hageman and Beasley are the future of this defensive line, and we need results soon.

Light a fire DQ.

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He wasn't absent. He missed one tackle on a run play, and beasted on another that I saw. He was getting interior pressure on several plays.

And that's without me watching him specifically. Just because he isn't sacking the QB doesn't mean he's not there and not doing anything.

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I'm not sure if some of you guys actually watch football games. Hageman has been playing mostly in the base defense as a run stopper as has been playing well all season.

They don't watch. They're stat watchers and stats don't always tell the story. Wasn't hageman the one that stopped Winston on that crucial 4th down play before that have us the ball back?
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