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Last 4 Games. Take A Look.

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Julio drops pass, then drops another pass that results in an int at the Skins 17 yard line---lost points.

Center fumbles the snap at the Skins 9 yard line ---lost points.


4-1...Ryan fumbles snap and we give the ball back at Saints 34 yd line --- lost points

Coleman fumble at 9yd line --- lost points

Punt block --- gives them 7 points

Stone fumble at Saints 17 yard line --- lost points


Ryan throws int on our 37 yd line --- gives them 7 points

Ryan throws directly into the defender results in a int on 1 yard line --- lost points.

Pearson fumble on the 20 yard


Julio fumble after 35 yard catch --- they get points

Person fumbles on the 9 yard line.--- lost points

Ryan throws into TRIPLE COVERAGE AN int at OUR OWN 35 yard line --- gives them points

Ryan fumble at Bucs 20 yard line --- lost points.

Let's be honest. We'd be better off simply running wildcat every play after the 50 by direct snapping it to Freeman. Then let Bryant kick the FG inside the 35.

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