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Can Someone Explain What Exactly Results In A Penalty For Low Tackle On A Qb?

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Schofield was borderline at best... he kind of landed right above the knee of Winston. Last play of the game, the defender landed on the ground and swiped at Ryan's ankles so that wasn't a penalty.

You should watch the last play again. The guy was not on the ground swiping at Ryan's ankles. The defender made forcible contact (NFL term I think) with Ryan's lower leg. Helmet around the knee and bear hug around the calf. Personally I don't like the rule (whatever it is) but it's unacceptable for it to not be called consistently. I get missing a hold because there are only a couple officials looking at 10+ guys mauling each other. There's only 1 QB on the field and at least 1 referee has responsibility for watching what happens to him on every play.

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